Tomas Bumbulevicius

Tomas Bumbulevicius, founder of Boomframes, is a Lithuanian freelancer of animation and video services. With degrees in Multimedia and Informatics, he is a well-rounded specialist in both design and technical skills. Two words to describe Tomas? Precision and Vision. These words define the strive for perfection and workflow automation processes. Adobe After Effects automation as well as scripting adds the cherry on top of the cake.

When Tomas is not editing, animating, compositing or scoring sound tracks, you can find him scoring on the basketball courts. During summer, you’ll find Tomas cutting loose on the open road on his motorcycle. And even though he has no hair to flow in the wind, ideas are always flowing on his rides.

The inspiration behind Boomframes is Talent + Hard Work. Whether you are in an office, doing sports or laying on the beach – you should never forget that.

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