Vero Water

  • Client: Vero Water
  • Services: Storyboarding, illustrating, voice over, animation
  • Creative designer: Tomas B.
  • Official project link:

Vero water service explainer animation video introduces water production company, which offers countertop solutions for business and individuals. They do provide still or sparkling water in re-usable bottles, through a unique purification system. Moreover, video goes into detail about environment friendly solution. Purification filters gives an opportunity to have the same taste of water in all regions. This is called Pure Vero Water taste. It provides all necessary information about these services and offers to try a low fixed monthly price subscription. Video has a problem/solution scenario. Company’s CEO David Deshe created the script for this project and we made it to life. If you want to have a similar animation project for your own business, feel free to contact us today.